Semi auto Cellophane machine

Semi auto Cellophane machineIt is applied to next-to-body packing the cosmetics、medicine、foodstuff、healthcare foodstuff、stationary、daily and other packed products in three dimension.

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Performance Characteristics:

1.Lower price of machine, only one third of that of the full automatic one.

2.Lower price of mold, easy and fast exchange, one machine can pack in tens of specifications.

3.Lighter and beautiful appearance, unlimited by the weight of machine at the packing site.

4.Easy operation, easy to learn and operate. Unnecessary to have professional's  operation.

Main Technical Parameters:

Packing Material

BOPP film and gold tear tape

Packing Speed

15~30 packs/min

Packing Size


Electric Supply & Power

220V 50Hz  4kw



Overall Dimensions